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  Creation Process

   Our Parfum.

Created in small batches in our artisinal perfumery by Merrion Square in the heart of Dublin.

The formulae, perfected by our perfumers following months of trials, are precisely followed to a meticulous level of detail.

The parfum is then left to mature for 3 months, before being filtered and bottled by hand.



    Our Bottle.

Our round bottles are a timeless classic design - clear to appreciate the full depth of color of the parfum, yet small and compact for travelling. 

    Our Cap.

Designed and produced by Jaime Clabburn, a renowned wood designer based in Mayo, West of Ireland. Made from reclaimed hardwoods that are specially paired with each fragrance. Every cap is slightly different in its natural form due to the nature of hardwoods, giving each cap a unique and individual style.

The Markievicz caps are made in Portugal from a wonderful material of cork bark mixed with recycled ocean plastics. 


   Our Packaging.

The parfum bottles are hand-labeled with Irish labels and packaged into bespoke cardboard boxes, made from 100% recycled waste paper that was produced in Germany.



Ordered online includes free shipping regardless of where you live in the world.



    Parfum & Gender

Parfum alludes to the concentration of essence in a fine fragrance. 'Cologne' contains 4-8%, 'Eau de Toilette' 8-15%, 'Eau de Parfum' 15-20%, and Parfum 20-25%.

These terms draw no reference to the 'gender' assigned to a fragrance.

A great misconception is that cologne means 'men's perfume' which is not the case at all. 

Our fragrances are unisex and contain 24% essence. Yet they are not overpowering due to the abundance of natural ingredients. They are captivating, yet subtle, while lasting an entire day with minimal application. 

   How to best apply fine fragrances


Parfum is best applied to the neck. Applied to your wrists results in much of it being rubbed or washed off throughout the day.

It can also be partly applied to your hair as the oily properties of hair are excellent for holding onto a fragrance for the longest possible time.



For the first 3 minutes, you will only experience the top notes of our fragrances. The middle notes will only later reveal themselves, followed by the base notes. The fragrance will constantly evolve throughout your day so stay attuned with it to experience its entire sublimity. 



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