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Markievicz Illustration.jpg

               “Leave your jewels

            and gold wands in the bank,

                  and buy a revolver"


Top Notes

Sicilian Bergamot

Calabrian Grapefruit

Hungarian Clary Sage

Middle Notes

Fleur d’Hyacinth

Austrian Caraway Seeds

Fleur d’Oillet

Base Notes

Japanese Genmaicha

Spring Oakmoss

Atlas Mountain Cedarwood


Inspired by Countess Markievicz, the famous Irish revolutionary leader who fought during the Irish Easter Rebellion of 1916 and the subsequent struggle for freedom in Ireland.

The story of Countess Markievicz is that of a woman of fearless determination, idealism, and self-sacrifice in pursuit of freedom for an oppressed people.


 A woman who has inspired generations of people. 


The illustration, in the style of the multicultural Countess, was created in a collaboration between Pakistani artist Awais Nawaz, and Irish artist Áine Duffy.




An enticing citrus herbaceous top, middle of subtle flowers with aromatic undertones from caraway, and a lush & primitive base of spring oakmoss, Japanese genmaicha,

and Atlas cedar.  

The bottle cap is a wonderful material of cork bark mixed with

recycled plastics. Made in Portugal.

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